To Seduce an Enemy (2003) / Erotic Thriller
aka Yau yen faan jiu

MPAA Rated: Not rated, but would be R for language, nudity and strong sexual situations       
Running Time: 98 min.

Cast: Wong Ka Ying, Winnie Leung, Jewel Lee, Chin Kar Lok, Benny Lai Chun, Teresa Mak, Leung Man Yee 
Director:  Bowie Lau

Review published February 6, 2003

Joe (Chun Lai, Naked Weapon) is a billionaire in real estate, thanks in large part due to his wife's support and guidance.  Things haven't been rosy in the marriage, and wifey hires a private investigator to look into her husband's affairs and see if he is falling for any of his mistresses.  With evidence in hand, she confronts Joe, but without realizing it, Joe has a plan of escape.  It seems he has had her under a hypnotic spell, and under his influence, she kills the P.I. and then herself.  Now Joe is free to do as he pleases, using his hypnotic powers to seduce women in his company and others, but a nosy reporter is on the case, willing to do ANYTHING to get the scoop on him.

Tepid, as far as erotic thrillers go, and probably too conservative to truly satisfy the audience for which a skin flick like this would have the most appeal to.  To Seduce an Enemy is a completely forgettable 90 minutes that only the most sex-starved of viewers will find remotely sexy.  It actually is quite amusing watching how much director Bowie Lau (The Deadly Camp) tries to do while showing as little as possible.  There are a number of sex scenes, but many times people only strip down to their underwear, including a steamy shower coitus scene in which the participants do it with  their clothes on.  Oddly enough, this scene is actually a rape scene (since the woman is under hypnosis), but no matter.  Apparently, even a rape scene is sexy in Bowie's book, meant to titillate rather than shock the audience.

As far as the rest of the film, it's very poor in all aspects, with a painfully awful screenplay with some of the worst plot developments you'll probably ever see.  It's about the most cavalier film to ever deal with the AIDS situation, as the disease is passed around and talked about as if it were a mild STD, instead of the life-altering disease that it is.  The actors have little appeal, and even the harem of sexy women aren't enough to make their respective scenes stand out in any way.

To Seduce an Enemy will only please pervs with a panty fetish, as it is the article of clothing most shown throughout the excruciatingly long, drawn-out sex scenes.  There's nothing to recommend here...except to skip watching this cheapie soft porn snoozer altogether.

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2003 Vince Leo