Made (2001) / Comedy-Crime

MPAA Rated: R for language, some drug use, and sexuality
Running Time: 100 min.

Cast: Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Peter Falk, Sean Combs, Famke Janssen,
Director:  Jon Favreau
Screenplay: Jon Favreau

Review published January 14, 2003

Fans of Jon Favreau's first effort, Swingers, have eagerly anticipated a follow-up to one of their most beloved films by the same creative mind. However, whether or not Favreau's latest film, Made, is a success or failure as entertainment depends on the reason why you liked his first film to begin with. If you enjoyed the descriptions of the LA night life and dating scene and just want to see more of the same, you may come off disappointed, as this film is a horse of a completely different color. If you just enjoy Favreau's comic style and Vaughn's goofy charm, then Made may actually please you, offering much of the same personality driven comedic touches.

Favreau (The Replacements, Love & Sex) once again stars, this time playing a struggling boxer named Bobby. It's just a temporary gig to make ends meet, while also acting as bodyguard for his stripper live-in girlfriend (Janssen, X-Men), who is the daughter of a local mob boss (Falk, Vibes). He doesn't want her to strip anymore, but money is tight, so when offered a chance to make some extra cash on a delivery in New York City, he consents, on condition that his down-and-out loser best friend, Ricky (Vaughn, The Cell), is able to accompany him. Ricky begins to take things a little too seriously, not fully understanding that what he sees in the movies differs in real life, and proceeds to make a complete ass out of both of them. With any luck, they will be able to make their drop and get back in one piece.

When treated on its own merits, instead of being compared to Swingers, Made is a mostly amusing diversion with likeable performances by the two leads. They exhibit good chemistry together, especially when interacting with the much more serious supporting cast, who have no patience for Ricky's antics as amusingly portrayed by Vaughn. Even P. Diddy (Draft Day) performs well in his role as one of New York's biggest bad-asses. The plot isn't altogether new, but the personalities breathe life into the affair, with some choice moments of funny comedy to keep things from getting too mundane or serious.

Made is not a great film by any stretch, but makes for a decent rental when there's nothing else out there. Don't expect too much, as it's not very substantial or particularly memorable once it's all through.  Hopefully, this isn't the last we see of the Favreau/Vaughn collaboration.

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