Love & Sex (2000) / Comedy-Romance

MPAA Rated: R for sexuality and language
Running Time: 82 min.

Cast: Famke Janssen, Jon Favreau, Noah Emmerich, Cheri Oteri, Ann Magnuson
Director:  Valerie Breiman
Screenplay: Valerie Breiman

Review published January 11, 2001

One of the main staples in storytelling, whether in cinema or in literature, has been that of the quest for the perfect mate.  The ground on “Searching for Mr. Right” has been tread on so extensively, that whenever a new film comes out with the same them, it is merely a recycled update on the idea of hundreds of others before them.  Some may try a novel approach, as in You've Got Mail, but it always boils down to derivative plotting, ponderous musings, and ultimately happy endings.  Such is the case of Love & Sex, another in the never-ending genre on the desire for the perfect relationship, and all of the follies that comes with the quest.

Famke Janssen (The Faculty, Rounders) plays Kate Welles, a thirty-something loner looking for her prince but always seeming to come up with frogs.  Soon she meets the bizarre painter Adam (Favreau, Very Bad Things), who finds a way to win her over and soon the two become an item.  Is this the relationship that will last for both of them, or will the fizz eventually die out?

True, it is fairly low-budget and derivative, but like many romantic comedies, it is amiable and difficult to dislike altogether.  Famke Janssen is probably miscast since it is hard to believe a striking statuesque woman might have a hard time finding suitors who aren't totally unattractive schleps like the ones depicted in the movie.  In addition, Janssen is an actress of limited range, with difficulty portraying anger and extreme sadness with conviction.  Still, she is likeable enough in an uncharacteristic fluff role and the surrounding cast of performers are equally easy to like.

Love & Sex is an appropriate enough name, as this is a generic romantic comedy, much like a dozen or so you've probably seen in the last couple of years alone.  It's the kind of movie you only really watch when you are in the mood, and if you are, delivers exactly what you expect.

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