Erotic Ghost Story 2 (1991) / Horror-Adult

MPAA Rated: Not rated, but probably R for strong sexuality, nudity, gore, and scary images
Running Time: 96 min.

Cast: Anthony Wong, Charine Chan, Amy Yip
Director: Peter Ngor
Review published February 28, 1999

Wutung (Wong, The Heroic Trio), a horrifying demon who must have sex to survive, orders villagers to sacrifice young virgins to satiate his lusts. A virtuous young girl (Chan) with the soul of Wutung's lost lover in her is next on the list, but a young and brave man protects her from Wutung's evil advances. Wutung goes on a rampage, doing everything in his formidable power to get his girl.

Not that the first chapter in this trilogy was anything special, but this entry is a disaster. Anthony Wong is laughable as Wutung, who does little more than scowl and hiss like a cornered cat for most of the movie. The sex scenes aren't abundant, but when they occur they aren't anything sexy and go on seemingly forever. Too much unsavory subject matter mar the overall production, which does sport some decent special effects, but terrible acting and a ludicrous villain make the entire endeavor wasted. Anyone looking for a decent Hong Kong flick will be disappointed while viewers looking for erotic thrills would be turned off by the heavy doses of muck and gore during most of the sex scenes. Better to watch Sex and Zen, or the first in this series, which aren't great but a hell of a lot better than this dreck.

Qwipster's rating:

1999 Vince Leo