The Heroic Trio (1993) / Action-Frantasy

MPAA Rated: R for violence
Running Time: 88 min.

Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung, Damian Lau, Anthony Wong
Director: Johnny To
Screenplay: Sandy Shaw
Review published February 6, 1997

The Invisible Woman (Yeoh, Wing Chun) is stealing babies from local hospitals for an evil master, while Wonder Woman (Mui, Rouge) is trying to take her down. Thief Catcher (Cheung, The Iceman Cometh) joins forces with the police to try to stop the madness of the evil one who is looking for a successor and to take over his mind and control his body. There is something more than meets the eye as the Heroic Trio are linked by more than this case.

It starts off promising, but escalates downhill rapidly with a particularly bad climactic final fight. The actors are watchable, but the comic book style action and cheesy special effects waste their performances. Poor direction and too much gratuitous bad taste and ugliness mar the overall production severely. It was followed by a sequel, dubbed Executioners but after watching this film, I have no desire for more.

Qwipster's rating:

1997 Vince Leo