The Wedding Planner (2001) / Comedy-Romance

MPAA Rated: PG-13 for language and some sexual humor
Running Time: 103 min.

Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Justin Chambers, Bridgette Wilson, Judy Greer, Alex Rocco, Joanna Gleason, Kevin Pollak, Charles Kimbrough, Fred Willard, Kathy Najimy
Director: Adam Shankman
Screenplay: Pamela Falk, Michael Ellis
Review published January 28, 2001

Set in San Francisco, Jennifer Lopez (The Cell, Antz) stars as the wedding planner, who has far more success in making sure others get married properly than she has in her own love life. Now she is out to catch the big fish of accounts, and success will gain her partnership in the company she has worked so hard for. One day, her life is saved by a handsome children's doctor (McConaughey, EDtv) and the she begins to think she may have finally met Mr. Right. The only catch is this new prospect happens to be the groom-to-be in the wedding she is already planning.

The Wedding Planner is a lighthearted romantic comedy that with a few less jokes of an adult nature would have been perfectly acceptable had it been released during the 60s, among comedies of the time from which this film is a throwback to. While The Wedding Planner succeeds in it's light tone, it fails as a romance.

Lopez is appealing, but McConaughey's character doesn't really show enough charisma onscreen to buy her falling for him so quickly. Also, as a comedy, the script just doesn't deliver on many laughs, and with a plot this predictable, a few hilarious moments are crucial. Still, the film still would not have been too bad if not for the expected ending, which just doesn't feel right because all along we have no reason to feel these two characters really belong together.

The Wedding Planner passes by with ease and this makes it passable entertainment while it lasts, yet every aspect of the film is so derivative of other films, one could almost rightfully claim to have seen it without actually viewing it.

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