Trekkies (1997) / Documentary

MPAA Rated: PG for mild sexual and drug references
Running Time: 86 min.

Cast: Denise Crosby, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols
Director: Roger Nygard

Review published March 5, 2002

Although Trekkies is going to appeal primarily to "Star Trek"'s most zealous fans, it isn't so exclusive that casual fans, or even the friends of fans, can't be thoroughly entertained by it as well.  I consider myself a casual fan, who grew up watching the Original Series in re-runs, and watch each new chapter on the big screen as well.  I was fascinated with the "Trekkies" (or "Trekkers" as some like to be called) and their obsession with the show, and while I enjoy Star Trek as far as entertainment, the fanaticism displayed by the people who go to the Star Trek conventions is something I don't quite have a grasp on understanding, so this film did open me up a little as to the show's cultural popularity and importance in identification among a significant number of people.

Star Trek, for those who don't follow it, was originally a three season sci-fi show in the Sixties, that grew in popularity in reruns.  Conventions started to appear in the early 70s, and the attendance grew astronomically as time went on, to the point where there's at least one major convention for fans and sellers of memorabilia every weekend somewhere in the world.  Trekkies is a documentary about these fans and sellers, hosted by Denise Crosby (Pet Sematary, 48 Hrs.) fittingly enough from "Star Trek: The Next Generation".  Several members of the individual shows are also interviewed as to their reactions to the overwhelming popularity of the series and the craziness that has been thrust upon them for being associated with the object of the trekkie passion.

While some viewers may consider the term "documentary" to mean "boring", Trekkies will prove most of those people wrong.  Granted, the amount you love the film will be greatly influenced by how much you love Star Trek, but Trekkies is easily accessible to those who have minimal knowledge and doesn't assume intimacy.  There are several levels of entertainment with the film, and it's fitting because the same can be said of the original Star Trek series as well.  Some people will watch and take everything very seriously, while others will find nothing but amusement at the ridiculous levels with which the people go to show their love and devotion to what is essentially just a TV show.  Most viewers probably will have a little of both feelings.

Trekkies is recommended for almost anyone who likes Star Trek as an occasional diversion, but is an absolute must see for die-hard fans.  You may relate to trekkies or be completely mystified, but either way, you'll enjoy the film for boldly showing what no film has shown before.

-- Followed by Trekkies 2 (2004)

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