To the Limit (1995) / Thriller-Action

MPAA Rated: R for strong sexuality, violence, and langage
Running Time: 98 min.

Cast: Anna Nicole Smith, Joey Travolta, John Aprea, David Proval, Michael Nouri
Director: Raymond Martino
Screenplay: Raymond Martino, William Strom, Joey Travolta
Review published February 28, 1998

Speaking from honesty, To the Limit represents the most difficult kind of film to review.  It's not just because it's bad or convoluted. It's not because it was too complicated to understand. It was difficult because, as I am writing this now, I scarcely remember having viewed it, mere hours afterward.

I do remember a few scenes with Ms. Smith (Naked Gun 33 1/3, Skyscraper) baring all. It's for those scenes that I imagine 99% of all viewers would care to even watch this film. The other 1% who might actually be searching for a decent action flick should immediately be spanked for bad behavior.

As far as what I could discern of the plot, I know there is a CD-Rom people wanted and some cars were blown up, but I can't quite remember what else.

I remember daydreaming about other things wholly unrelated to the film. I remember looking at my watch countless times. I remember staring at the wall. I remember thinking Anna Nicole wasn't a very good actress. I remember thinking the film sucked when it ended.

If you just have to see Anna Nicole Smith nude, pick up an old issue of Playboy or go to the countless web pages dedicated to her. Don't sit through 90+ minutes of monotony to see 90+ seconds of titillation.

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1998 Vince Leo