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What movie review site would be complete without the annual top ten films of the year?  Although many others set a defined top ten, I see my list as a constant work in progress, so some lists may change from time to time, such as if I re-watch a film and like it more or less than I did the previous time through.  In addition to the top ten films for each year, I have tried to include other films that I enjoyed, in case you are looking for tips on movies you may have missed.  In order to keep you from wondering why a particular movie isn't on my list, I have also included a list of films that have merited the top ten lists of other critics that I have not seen yet, and also those that I have that I don't really consider to be worthy of such a position. 

Also note, as the internet is read by people from all over the world, I have chosen to set a film's year of release based on when the film debuted in a theater or on television anywhere in the world.  As always, I look forward to recommendations from all readers, so if there is a movie you enjoy that is completely absent from these lists, feel free to write me at qwipflix@yahoo.com.