Rear Window * (out of 5) (1998)

Cast: Christopher Reeve, Darryl Hannah, Robert Forster, some other idiots

Directed by who cares?


A man involved in a near fatal car accident becomes a wheelchair-ridden paraplegic, and through his strong desire for voyeurism and some cheap entertainment watches his neighbors though his second story Soho appartment. In the course of his watching, he begins to suspect on of his watchees is in fact a murderer.

One of the few roles Reeve is actually perfect for, and too bad Hitchcock isn't around to be his director, but then at least he isn't around to see the travesty that this film is! The original of this film is a brilliant masterpiece...this version...well, it's just a piece (of crap)! How can two movies with the same material get such different results? Well, in this remake, the interesting storylines seen in all the windows are here replaced by cheap half-naked women and gay men cavorting around with no story other than to titillate Reeve. The character of the alleged murderer gives every indication of what he is early on, unlike the original in which you don't know for sure if he is a murderer or it's a figment of the imagination of an overactive and idle mind. Then, remove Alfred Hitchcock, remove Jimmy Stewart, and remove Grace Kelly and stick in some mediocre hacks and you soon realize what talents the original players were. Do yourself the biggest favor and watch the original, and if you have any inclination to watch this one out of curiosity, do yourself another favor and watch the original again instead.

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