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7/23/2008  -- Everything Brooke McCarter touches is golden

I'm not sure why I enjoy posting the insulting reader mail so much.  I guess I find it too entertaining to keep to myself.  Here's the latest rant from a reader named Nichole.  The subject of the e-mail is "WTF!!!!".  You'll notice that it's "WTF" followed by four exclamation marks.  If there were only three, I'd probably have thought she didn't really care as much.  She also sent this e-mail to me twice, so she must really be enraged. 

If you're familiar with the movie she is taking me to task for, you'll know why I chuckled heartily as I read this, followed by a wave of melancholy upon realizing the American educational system must be, finally, broken beyond reparability:

what the fuck are you thinking? Are you on drugs? Thrashin' was an amazing movie, especially coming out of the 80's. what wasn't to love? Plus, Brooke McCarter from the Lost Boys was in it. I swear to god yo are the most fucked up son of a bitch in the world this was a great movie. Stop cutting down a perfectly good movie and start capping on movies like Napoleon  Dynamite which didn't deserve to even be put on DVD. You seriously need to shut your face.

Hi Nichole,

If you're going to take the time and effort to write to people on the internet that you find their opinions to be wrong, it's far more effective to explain why they are wrong, and what makes you right.

From your email to me, you've only told me that Thrashin' is a great movie because:

1. It comes out of the 1980s

2. Brooke McCarter is in it

Both of these things I had already been aware of at the time I wrote the review, so I'd say that you aren't exactly presenting persuasive reasoning.

The rest of your arguments are just piled-on insults with no relevance or basis in fact. When someone reads an e-mail like this, it isn't going to change their opinion.  It probably will make the reader feel he is even more justified in his original opinion because the person arguing with him is an obvious idiot. 

I'm guessing that you don't write like this all of the time, Nichole. You probably can be articulate if you want to be.  Given that, why do you represent the idiot's argument?  What does it get you?  Do you really want people to look at you like you're stupid? 

If the answer to the last question is yes, then disregard what I've written -- and good job.

2008 Vince Leo