The following is a blog (of sorts) where I discuss movie-related and site-related thoughts that I can't express within the confines of a normal review.  Some of them may be responses to e-mail I've received, trailers I've seen, or just an overall theme not specific to a movie.  Most of these writings are meant strictly for me, but I do consider them of potential interest to those of you that love movies or are just interested in the running of the site in general.  I welcome any feedback you might have on any of the subjects listed in this (or any other) section of my site.

6/2/2008  -- "Klevera": A clever way to write "clever"

Your critique of this movie leaves a lot to be desired, as does your lack of judgement and unquestionable lack of taste, which Is obvious to anyone who might have the displeasure of ever meeting you In person. In short, It didn't take more than two sentences from you to discern you just love to hear yourself talk,( run your mouth), and try to convince people In the movie Industry, "See how Klevera I am !"  Get a Life!, or make a better movie. It's real easy to criticize another's hard work, Isn't It  

Dear anonymous reader,

I don't know which movie you're referring to, or which lines have upset you this much, but it probably doesn't matter.  You'll probably find many things on my site to irk you in similar fashion.  I get comments like yours on occasion.  Most I delete after reading.  I want to respond to all of them, but who has the time?  However, I will take the time to respond to this one, not only directly to you but as a post on my site, as it is so generic, I can use it to provide a link to future gripers so I don't have to take the time out to respond, or just not respond. 

Your critique of my writing sounds more like lashing out because you didn't like my opinion rather than an honest attempt to persuade me, so I can't comment on your knee-jerk flame other than to tell you not to read the opinions of critics if "criticizing other people's work" bothers you, since that is inherent in what we do.  To criticize a critic for criticizing is the ultimate hypocrisy, by the way, as your criticism of my own work shows.

My writing isn't meant for industry professionals, though some may read it.  It's one movie fan writing for myself, as well as others who enjoy getting a take from someone who watches as many movies as they do, rather than just hearing from the guy three cubicles down who thinks every movie is great if it has lots of cool explosions. 

If I wanted to convince people in the movie industry to do anything, I'd probably write to movie studio execs themselves, though they'd dismiss my ranting as just some anonymous blowhard with time on his hands and no concept of why they do what they do (hint hint).  They MAKE money making films, and as long as they do, whether a movie is good or bad isn't even an issue.  I PAY money to watch their movies, so if I complain that I'm not getting my money's worth, or even if I am, I feel I'm not out of line in explaining why to others who might also be considering laying down their own money to pay for the experience.

When you say that I love to hear myself talk, that's not entirely inaccurate (though I am typing, not talking -- in real life, I don't talk that much, though, as you wrote, in two sentences, you know all about me).  I am a writer, and that's my way of expression -- that's what writers do.  I write about many things, movies being the primary subject, as they are a passion of mine.   I do try to present the writing in a way that others may appreciate.  That's where the attempts to be clever come into play -- who wants to read random thoughts with no context? 

Don't like how I write?  I'd tell you to get your own site, but it's much easier to criticize another's hard work, and their worth, not only as a writer, but as a complete person, when you didn't have to pay, you didn't have to explain, you do it anonymously, you didn't bother reading more than the first two sentences of a five paragraph review, or only one review out of nearly 3000.  Now, tell me, what do your first two sentences written to me above say about YOU?

2008 Vince Leo