The following is a blog (of sorts) where I discuss movie-related and site-related thoughts that I can't express within the confines of a normal review.  Some of them may be responses to e-mail I've received, trailers I've seen, or just an overall theme not specific to a movie.  Most of these writings are meant strictly for me, but I do consider them of potential interest to those of you that love movies or are just interested in the running of the site in general.  I welcome any feedback you might have on any of the subjects listed in this (or any other) section of my site.

1/16/2008  -- Apparently movies just aren't bad enough...

For over 11 years this site has been dedicated exclusively to movies, specifically.  The title of the site is "Qwipster's Movie Reviews" for a reason.  However, as much as I love movies, the site more or less exists because I like to write, to learn, and to express myself, using the subject of films in order to find the avenue to do all three.

With this in mind, after all of these years following a pretty simple format, I've decided to make a few changes, diversifying the site a bit.  One thing I'll get around to is changing the same of the site to just Qwipster (or, dropping the "Movie Reviews" part of the title.  More on that later, as I make my final decision.

The more immediate change is that, in addition to the movies I watch, I will also review select TV shows from time to time.  The lines are blurring between TV and films on a continuous basis, with popular movies spinning off into TV shows and popular TV shows spinning off into movies.  I have been wanting to review TV shows for some time, but could never quite get the time or means to do this until recently.  With the phenomenal invention known as the DVR (and more accurately, the Tivo), I can basically catch any show at my own leisure.  In addition, entire series are coming out on DVD on a regular basis, not to mention being able to watch episodes off of various websites. What was once a commitment I couldn't fathom doing is now as easy as going to the movies, if not easier.

The first show I've decided to review is actually one that will be ongoing, as of this writing, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles".  I think this is a perfect way to begin, as I know the Terminator films and mythos well enough, in addition to the show being a spin-off of actual theatrically released films.  It also falls in timeline between two of the three films, so in essence, it becomes part of the series, and it is inherently of primary interest primarily to movie fans.

As I begin to make subtle changes to the site, I hope that regular readers will see them as I see them -- an extension rather than a replacement of reviews.  I am firmly committed to reviewing films as I always have.  All I am doing here is expanding the scope a little. 

Now, I could be really crazy and review books, comics and video games as well, as those are also mediums that spin off of movies, as well as turn into movies themselves.  Perhaps one day when human cloning is commonplace, I'll have enough time to watch, read and write about anything and everything.  Until then, I'll stick with movies and the occasional TV series.

2008 Vince Leo