The following is a blog (of sorts) where I discuss movie-related and site-related thoughts that I can't express within the confines of a normal review.  Some of them may be responses to e-mail I've received, trailers I've seen, or just an overall theme not specific to a movie.  Most of these writings are meant strictly for me, but I do consider them of potential interest to those of you that love movies or are just interested in the running of the site in general.  I welcome any feedback you might have on any of the subjects listed in this (or any other) section of my site.

7/23/2008  -- Everything Brooke McCarter touches is golden

6/2/2008  -- "Klevera": A clever way to write "clever"

1/16/2008 -- Apparently movies just aren't bad enough...

4/30/2007  --  Today's action films: I wasn't porn yesterday

4/5/2007  --  " blurbs..."

2/7/2007  -- Whose opinion can you trust if you can't trust your own?

10/22/2006  -- If I can't do it, it must be a good movie!

8/27/2006 -- Stupid parenting = smarter children

8/20/2006 -- Where are today's 5-star movies?

7/25/2006 -- Tips for amateur critics, pt. 1 - Introspection

6/1/2006 -- Personal perspective, from someone not of the brotherhood

6/1/2006 -- The Devil's in the details

5/20/2006 -- At last, a real critic has spoken

3/22/2006 -- Disgusting = Genius

3/6/2006 -- Brokeback Backlash

2/9/2006 -- Should I cut Vin Diesel some slack?

1/14/2006 -- Reviewing films for kids

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