Night Falls on Manhattan ***1/2 (out of 5) (1997)

Cast: Andy Garcia, Richard Dreyfuss, Lena Olin, Ian Holm, Ron Leibman

Directed by Sidney Lumet


A powerful drug dealer takes down several cops and makes his escape, only to turn himself in later to the cops claiming self-defense from corrupt police wanting kickbacks. A cop-turned-assistant DA gets the nod for this high profile case due to the fact that one of the cops shot was his father. After a successful case, he becomes DA and discovers that the corruption he spoke about exists, and the consequences hit a little close to home.

It takes a while to get going, but this film eventually becomes agripping and knowing look into how curruption can spread, and it's influence pervading into all facets of the law. Garcia is good, Dreyfuss is great, and Lumet turns in another classy crime drama .

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