Mr. Vampire ***1/2 (out of 5) (1985)

Cast: Lam Ching Ying, Chin Siu Ho, Ricky Hui, Moon Lee

Directed by Ricky Lau

A local priest unearths the coffin of what turns out to be a blood-thirsty vampire, and when it escapes it threatens the lives of everyone in town. He ventures out to put a stop to the vampire, along with his two bumbling assistants, all the while having to deal with a corrupt police bureau and a sexy ghost out to seduce one of his men.

It's probably no coincidence that this ghost-comedy should have come out a year after the blockbuster GHOSTBUSTERS, and many who liked the style of the American film will find a lot to like in this Hong Kong outing. Lots of silly slapstick, combined with low-tech but well-used special effects adds up to a fun and crazy adventure that will be sure to leave a smile due to the imaginative and infectious zaniness that permeates every scene. Not much plot, not much sense, but any film which features hopping zombies and vampires with aversions to sticky rice is ok in my book. A real gem of Hong Kong comic-horror, and uniquely inspired fun.

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