Mr. Fix-It (2006) / Comedy-Romance

MPAA Rated: R for language, sexual humor and some crude humor
Running Time: 97 min.

Cast: David Boreanaz, Alana de la Garza, Paul Sorvino, Heschel Bleefeld, Terrence Evans, Pat Healy, Scoot McNairy, Bud Watson
Director: Darin Ferriola

Screenplay: Darin Ferriola
Review published January 5, 2007

David Boreanaz (I'm with Lucy, "Angel") stars as Lance Valenteen, the self-proclaimed "Mr. Fix-It", who promises to fix any man's relationship through his own tried and true method.  His game?  Lance finds out just what drive away the woman from the last relationship, and then proceeds to woo the woman into liking him, finally becoming a far bigger jackass than the guy she left.  The woman will come crawling back to her ex, realizing he wasn't so bad after all.

Lance's latest proves to be a bit more problematic, as he is hired to wine and dine the beautiful Sophia (De La Garza, "CSI: Miami"), who left her hapless former boyfriend because he lied.  She is planning on returning back to Italy, so time is of the essence, with Lance pulling out all stops in order to get Sophia to fall for him before pulling out the rug from under her.  Trouble occurs when Lance realizes that he actually might be developing feelings for Sophia, but with all of the lies he has told already, he doesn't know if he can go through with the job.

Much like recent similarly-premised vehicles like Failure to Launch and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Mr. Fix-It starts off with a funny premise, only to lose a great deal of steam as the simple-mindedness of the plot becomes all too evident.  Darin Ferriola writes and directs amiably, with an attractive cast of actors (particularly the leads), but his approach is scattershot, employing too many silly subplots involving three older "ladies men" who help fix up Lance's car, as well as the lengthy excursions into Lance's dream of becoming a race car driver.

Parts of the film don't really make much sense, as it would seem that Lance should be able to actually afford a decent car, given how successful his business is supposed to be.  Of course, it becomes evident early on that Mr. Fix-It's world will somehow turn upside down, with a twist ending that very few viewers will find much of a surprise.  The tone is light, although Ferriola often tosses in a bit more potty humor than should be called for in such a romantic comedy. 

Boreanaz fans will enjoy it more than most, as he is featured shirtless quite prominently.  Romantic comedy fans may find it somewhat watchable, although anyone else will most likely be frustrated at the lack of good moments that occur after the first twenty minutes have expired.  It's the kind of movie that will be cleaned up and shown on the Lifetime Channel ad nauseam. 

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