The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) / Sci Fi-Adventure

MPAA Rated: PG-13 for intense sci-fi terror and violence
Running Time: 129 min.

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum, Kelly Preston, Robert Loggia, Jon Cryer
Director: Stephen Herek
Screenplay: Tom Schulman

Review published January 15, 1998

It's four years later, and the chief creator of Jurassic Park sends an expedition of four people to check on "Site B", a secret place where the dinosaurs were developed and which now sports dinosaurs roaming free. The quartet is supposed to document the goings on, but soon discover they will not be alone on the island, as the creator's nephew envisions Jurassic Parks across America and wants to capture some dinos to exploit for profit.

Somehow it's reassuring that even the best of directors can make a stinker once in a while. The first Jurassic Park film was very good due to an intriguing premise and a successfully realistic (well, as much as we know of) of dinosaurs, before it ultimately sank into formula action and contrived stunt pieces. This sequel is nothing but 2.5 hours more dinosaur attacks and stunt pieces, with a ham-handed introduction of another child to the island and Goldblum (Independence Day, The Great White Hype) furthering his goofiness. It has an idiotic premise, and since we've seen the dinosaurs there's much less awe-inspiring action.

Spielberg tries his hardest to outdo anything he's ever done with some rather long set pieces, but forgot he wasn't supposed to be making Indiana Jones 4. The Lost World delivers most of the goods you'd expect, but nothing more than that. Easily the most vapid film Spielberg has ever done.

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1998 Vince Leo