My Little Assassin ** (out of 5) (1999)

Cast: Joe Mantegna, Gabrielle Anwar, Jill Clayburgh, Robert Davi, Ada Maris

Directed by Jack Bender


Based on a true story, this tells of Marita Lorenz who travels to Cuba, ends up falling in love with upstart dictator Fidel Castro, and is later trained by the CIA to assassinate him after she is told he killed their newborn son and left her for dead.

Taking the fact that this is a made for TV movie, the film is annoyingly plotted, with far too much padding to stretch the length of what is otherwise an hour at most worth of material. None of the cast is particularly special, with Joe Mantegna in particular delivering lines witha curiously Italian-style delivery. It's watchable, but not a good film by any means. Good to see Clayburgh getting some work though.

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