Welcome to the links portion of the site.  Although I'd like to think people out there trust my opinion implicitly, I know that everyone is different.  The links below are other movie sites in which you may find movie reviews or movie-related interests. 

I'm always looking to promote other sites from people who love movies.  If you have a movie-related website would like to exchange links, please feel free to contact me at qwipflix@yahoo.com

Movie-related sites I regularly visit

Andrew's Movie Page - My good friend and frequent movie-watching companion.  He hasn't updated his movie reviews in some time, but he keeps his many Top 10 lists up to date.

Bucket Reviews - Danny Baldwin is a teenager and a Conservative, two voices not widely heard in film criticism.  He's come a long way in a short time in writing incisive, quality reviews, and works very hard on honing his skills.  He's quite good, and just keeps getting better.

Chip Remington's World of Movies - This is a dessert film review site featuring the hilarious, satirical reviews of Chip Remington.  Don't read this site while eating a bowl of cereal or you'll find your monitor soaked with milk and Cheerios from violent fits of laughter.

Criticker - A unique personalized film recommendation engine based not only on your ratings of films compared to other users and critics, but also the order.  It's an innovative way to get movie recommendations, as well as interact with other film lovers.  You may add me as a kumpel -- I'm "Vince Leo" in the Critics section.

Film Affinity
- Another personalized film recommendation site.  You rate the movies you've seen on a scale of 1-10 and they match you with people around the world who rate similar to you.  Movies high on their lists that you haven't seen are given to you as recommendation.  I'm "qwipster" on there, if you want to add me as a friend.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) - Without a doubt, the most comprehensive film site there is.  No movie fan, or critic for that matter, should not have this bookmarked.  Just about every detail you could ever want about any movie is in there.

Movie Review Index - This is a no-frills movie review index site, but it contains many more obscure sites linked than most of the major ones.  Basically, it's a great place to find amateur online critics for a perspective different than the commercial sites.

Movie Review Query Engine - Probably the best site to find movie reviews for a particular movie without being plagued by dead links and untalented film reviewers.

ReelViews (James Berardinelli) - If I could only read one critic's site (other than my own), it would be this one.  Whenever I find that I'm in complete disagreement on a film's rating with James, I'm always surprised.  In my opinion, he's the most reliable and sensible of the more popular critics, probably because he's a normal guy that kept his day job.

Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times) - Is a description necessary?  Roger Ebert is still the most influential critic in the country, not only to your average filmgoer, but to many critics as well.  In more recent years, he's been criticized for being too soft on bad movies, and too hard on good ones.  However, even if you can't agree with his overall assessment, he is still a consistently solid, entertaining read. 

Rotten Tomatoes - A plethora of reviews from all over, including my own.  Sure, the popular Tomatometer is a shamefully lazy way to get a film recommendation, but that component only scratches the surface of this deep, exhausting all-in-one site.

Video-Reviewmaster - A massive up-to-date site that links to over a bazillion titles reviewed online by a disgustingly large number of prestigious critics.  If you regularly check out the MRQE, you really should check out this site. It's perhaps the most user-friendly of the movie review indexing sites, and its hard-working owner, Jeff Schaffer, the most critic-friendly.

Other film-related sites worth checking out

Critical-Film - Movie reviews with an emphasis on films which may be underappreciated or even quite widely unknown.

A Critic's Opinion - Honest reviews from critic Chris Stuckmann.

Davey's Reviews - Features reviews and ratings by David Castle of films showing at the cinema, on DVD, or on TV.

The DVD Report - Bringing you the straight scoop on DVDs without annoying banner ads or pop-ups.

Frank's Reel Reviews - Features movie reviews, Hollywood news, celebrity death scenes, movie trivia and film ratings.

The Fresh Films - A nicely constructed and well-written review site from critic Fredrik Gunerius Fevang. 

The Jujube - Movie musings that go down sweetly but stick to your insides.

Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film - Don't just read about your favorite films.  Interact!

MovieMuckers - For those who want movie spoilers, or just a recap.  Also brief reviews for each movie.

MovieParrot - An interactive movie quotes site with movie quote ratings and comments.

Odeon Entertainment - Wholesale and retail of Cult/Horror movies

Poffy the Cucumber's Movie Mania - An earnest and hardworking cucumber, intent on cataloging every movie you’ve ever seen – or, at least, every movie that HE’S ever seen…

Qritic - Suggests movies you might like based on ratings of people with similar tastes.  Akin to Film Affinity.

SMR: Short Movie Reviews - Short movie reviews on recent and old movies from different genres; action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi, horror, crime, thriller & more.

Wallywood - What do the movies get wrong?  More than a movie flub site, it's also a great source for trivia.

Non-movie sites I recommend

Flying Omelette - A richly developed and intelligently presented classic video game review site.  It will make you want to dust off those old consoles in the garage for more glory days in front of your television.  A great resource for those that take their entertainment seriously.