Legacy of Rage ** (out of 5) (1986)

Cast: Brandon Lee, Michael Wong, Tanya George, Randy Mang, Bolo Yeung

Directed by Ronny Yu

LEGACY OF RAGE is the late Brandon Lee's first film, and is only worth watching for those who became fans of the legendary Bruce lee's son during his equally short film career before his untimely death. At the time, brandon was cast mostly due to his father's name than his talents as an action star, because unlike his father, Brandon just can't fight. But he can fake it relatively well when he needs to, so at least he doesn't embarrass himself!

Brandon stars as your everyman working in Hong Kong who gets set up by his drug dealing best friend Michael, who also wants to make a play for Brandon's girlfriend by sending Brandon to prison while getting an undercover officer iced. Brandon takes the rap and gets stuck in jail for eight years, meanwhile his girlfriend has a baby and tries deperately to escape the lurid clutches of Michael. Needless to say, Brandon is a little pissed about this when he gets out.

Outside of the aforementioned significance in Asian cinema for the son of Bruce, this is a totally derivative and rather poorly written first vehicle for Brandon. He does show good screen presence, with his tall stature and camera-friendly looks, that mark him as capable of starring in a major film. The fight scenes are tepid at best, the acting even worse, the music typical 80s electronic cheese, and worst of all is the weak writing, which offers nothing in terms of surprises and even less in thrills. If you're really in the mood for Hong Kong action, watch a flick from daddy instead.

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