Just Married (2003) / Comedy-Romance

MPAA Rated: PG-13 for sexual content, some crude humor and a brief drug reference
Running Time: 95 min.

Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy, Christian Kane, David Moscow, David Rasche
Director: Shawn Levy
Screenplay: Sam Harper
Review published January 16, 2003

Just Married is pleasant enough to sit through, alright.  It's even moderately amusing from time to time.  I just can't bring myself to recommending it because... well... there's just not enough freshness in the material to make it stand out one way or the other.  This film is like 7-11.  It's convenient for those times when you need it, but it's not really meant for those who like to shop.  If you need a flick to take your date to, it's here.  Just don't go if you are expecting a good movie.

Murphy (8 Mile, Spun) and Kutcher (My Boss's Daughter, The Butterfly Effect) play Sarah and Tom, opposites in terms of their backgrounds, but you know what they say about opposites and their ability to attract.  Although Sarah's well-to-do family disapproves of her marrying beneath her, the two are almost inseparable, and they fit so well, they get married in an instant.  On a honeymoon trip though Europe, it's just one disaster after another, only to be compounded when Peter (Kane, Secondhand Lions), the upper-crust former fling of Sarah who still carries a torch for her, shows up to seize the opportunity when the relationship is at a breaking point.

Just Married is basically the Out-of-Towners for the 16-25 year old crowd, and as tired as the formula may be, it still provides a workable backbone for some comedic moments to emerge.  Most of the laughs come from the energetic leads, and although the two aren't the most gifted actors for a romance, they do have good comedic timing.  However, the script just isn't able to deliver as much as it should, and the result feels like a half hour sitcom stretched out to full-length feature proportions with a lot of filler in between the funny parts.

Depending on your tolerance for such material, Just Married will range anywhere from pleasantly funny to abysmally annoying, so the enjoyment you receive mostly depends on you.  For me, it provides a momentary diversion from the doldrums of life, instantly forgettable once it's over.

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