Jawbreaker (1999) / Comedy-Thriller

MPAA Rated: R for sexuality, language and violence, all involving teens
Running Time: 87 min.

Cast: Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz, Judy Evans Greet, Chad Christ
Director: Darren Stein
Screenplay: Darren Stein

Review published August 19, 1999

Three of Reagan High's most popular vamps do a prank on one of their friends by pretending to kidnap her, placing a large jawbreaker in her mouth to prevent screaming and tossing her in the trunk of their car. Unfortunately, upon opening the trunk after a short ride the trio discover that the girl is now dead due to choking on the jawbreaker. While discussing how to cover up their crime, a geeky nobody from high school that adores the popular girls overhears the conversation. The trio strike a deal by giving the geeky girl what she wants: to take the dead girl's to be one of them. Meanwhile, one of the trio gets ditched by the new trio and is threatened with being framed for the murder if she talks to anyone about it.

An unpleasant and rather poor excuse for a movie. Not only was the basic premise of the film left wanting, but once writer/director Darren Stein comes up with his feeble idea, he has nowhere to go with it other than through some formulaic and threadbare plot. The film gets credit for a slick look and stylish direction, but all of this energy could have been put to better use in a movie that had a clever script and more appealing characters.

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1999 Vince Leo