Getting Played (2005) / Comedy-Romance

MPAA Rated: PG-13 for sexuality and language
Running Time: 85 min.

Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Bill Bellamy, Carmen Electra, Stacey Dash, Kathy Najimy, Joe Torry, Sheryl Underwood (cameo), Michael Jai White (cameo)
Director: David Silberg
Screenplay: David Silberg
Review published June 18, 2006

Although it features a recognizable cast, Getting Played plays out like a modestly-budgeted, straight-to-video release, indistinguishable from many romantic comedies that come out on a regular basis at your local video store.  Chances are you would only rent this film if you're a romantic comedy regular, already seeing all of the major releases in the genre, yet still looking for that movie to watch as a couple on an evening where there's not much else to do but cuddle on the couch.  Along those lines, Getting Played is amiable and energetic enough to be passable fare, but it's certainly wholly disposable, fading from memory not too long after you've pressed eject on the DVD player.

The plot itself is nothing remotely remarkable, as it is very much sitcom material, with three women making a bet to see who can bag a certain eligible bachelor in bed the fastest.  The bachelor in question is Mark Sellers (Bellamy, Buying the Cow), a handsome professional that all contestants find attractive, while the women are quite stunning in their own right, nearly impossible for any man to turn down the advances of.  Vivica A. Fox (Ella Enchanted, Kill Bill Vol. 1) plays Andrea Collins, famous but egotistical actress, while Carmen Electra (Scary Movie, Scary Movie 4)  is the "vanilla" restaurant owner, Lauren.  Stacey Dash (View from the Top, Hook'd Up)  rounds out the trio as the sweet girl that seems too nice to get a steady boyfriend, seeking the help of a professional to break her out of her shell.

Needless to say, we pretty much know how it ends as soon as the contest begins, so the best we can hope for is for a few laughs along the way.  If you have a low enough threshold, you'll probably find it pleasant and cute, even if it never approaches laugh-out-loud funny. 

The cast is likeable and attractive, so if you drool over any of the actors or actresses enough to watch anything they appear in, you'll get your fill of them wearing sexy outfits throughout.  Just remember, it's PG-13, which generally means no sex or nude scenes.

Although it is a short 85 minutes, it is padded much more than other films of its ilk, with scenes that are either needless or carry on way too long.  Remove the useless scenes of Fox and her ex-boyfriend troubles, some stand-up comedy by Sheryl Underwood, the escapades of Bellamy's best friend played by Joe Torry (Hair Show), and a few musical segues that go on long, and you wouldn't have enough to fill an hour worth of film.  Funny thing is, I actually prefer the scenes that don't deal with the contrived and mostly unfunny plot, so I'm willing to allow some indulgences, as they provide the only amusing moments of this otherwise throwaway film. 

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