Funny Farm (1988) / Comedy-Drama

MPAA Rated: PG for language
Running time: 101 min.

Cast: Chevy Chase, Madolyn Smith, Kevin O'Morrison, Joseph Maher
Director: George Roy Hill
Screenplay: Jeffrey Boam (based on the book by Jay Cronley)
Review published March 19, 1997

A sportswriter and his wife move to the country (Vermont specifically) so that he can finally write the novel he's always wanted. Seems like a nice, peaceful setting, right? Well, after they get there one series of mishaps after another cause them to slowly go insane...which is fine since almost everyone else in their community already is.

One of Chevy Chase's better vehicles, and enjoyable while it's on. Light comedy, nice characters, and funny situations keep this film above mundane for the most part. Director Hill sets up everything perfectly, despite the predictability of the plot and the limited range of the actors. Pleasant, if unremarkable, viewing.

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1997 Vince Leo