Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) / Comedy-Romance

MPAA Rated: R for language, and for some sexuality
Running Time: 117 min.

Cast: Hugh Grant, Andie McDowell, James Fleet, Simon Callow, John Hannah
Director: Mike Newell
Screenplay: Richard Curtis
Review published March 13, 1997

Charles (Grant, The Remains of the Day) and his British bachelor friends, well-into their 30s, wonder if they will ever find someone to marry. While best man at another friend's wedding, Charles meets the striking American Carrie (McDowell, Short Cuts), who he is irresistibly attracted to. They meet later in a night of passion, but she returns home to America leaving Charles all alone again. Upon her return, Charles is further dismayed at learning of her engagement to a much older and richer gentleman, leaving Charles in the cold completely.

Not too deep, but still a highly entertaining comedy that gains great interest through the strength of the characters and situations. The interaction of the eccentric personalities is so refreshing that it helps to overlook the film's obvious weakness, which is that the love story between Grant and McDowell is so superficial and baseless that any pretensions of actual love between them rings hollow. Watch this for the funny moments and entertaining supporting character actors and you'll find lots to enjoy despite it's shallowness.

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1997 Vince Leo