It's a Drink, It's a Bomb (1985) / Comedy-Action

MPAA Rated: Not rated
Running Time: 95 min.

Cast: George Lam, Maggie Cheung, John Sham, Lau Kong, Liu Kai Chi
Director: David Chung

Review published March 26, 2000

A Hong Kong explosives expert sells a bomb in the form of a can of cola to the Japanese. After the Japanese kill his assistant, the chemist runs for his life, managing to hide the can shortly before giving a cryptic secret to a passerby before ultimately expiring. The Japanese hitmen proceed to chase the witness as well as some others he runs into to get the can and off all witnesses.

It's never quite clear why the Japanese want or need an exploding can of cola, and it's especially mystifying why they spare almost no expense in finding it once it is hidden, but if you could buy such a feebly constructed premise, perhaps you'll enjoy IT'S A DRINK! IT'S A BOMB! much more than I. Anemic in plot and inspiration, the film tries to gain laughs through sheer energy, slapping together one-dimensionally funny characters and hoped the mere interaction of these elements would be enough for comic lunacy. It succeeds in evoking a chuckle maybe once every half hour, while fizzling scene after scene with some very derivative humor coming from an equally derivative storyline. The cast is enjoyable, but is also frustratingly wasted with flimsy writing and one-note characterizations limiting their appeal. Perhaps the saddest commentary how unsuccessful IT'S A DRINK! IT'S A BOMB! is as a comedy comes from the realization that the title is the funniest thing about the film.

Qwipster's rating:

2000 Vince Leo