Clean Slate (1994) / Comedy-Thriller

MPAA Rated: PG-13 for some sexual humor, some violence, and language
Running time: 107 min.

Cast: Dana Carvey, Valeria Golino, James Earl Jones, Kevin Pollak, Michael Gambon, Michael Murphy, Jayne Brook, Vyto Ruginis, Olivia d'Abo, Christopher Meloni, Bob Odenkirk (cameo)
Director: Mick Jackson
Screenplay: Robert King

Dana Carvey stars as private detective M.L. Pogue, who suffers from an affliction, caused after witnessing a car explosion, that has him unable to remember anything that happened to him whenever he wakes up each day.  He is visited by a mysterious, beautiful woman claiming to be Sarah Novak, the woman said to have died in the explosion, who wants him to help her with finding a rare missing coin, said to be worth millions.  Meanwhile, a local gangster named Cornell is out to make sure that Pogue never testifies against him as the only eyewitness to the explosion, not knowing that Pogue can't remember a damned thing anyway.


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