City of Angels (1998) / Fantasy-Romance

MPAA Rated: PG-13 for sexuality including language, and some nudity
Running Time: 114 min.

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan, Andre Braugher, Dennis Franz, Colm Feore
Director: Brad Silberling
Screenplay: Dana Stevens

Review published September 30, 1998

An angel wants to find out more about humanity and what it is to love. He falls in love with a surgeon, and turns in his wings for his taste at being human and falling in love.

Nicely directed by Silberling, although some may find the pace slow. Intriguing rehash of WINGS OF DESIRE with credible acting and interesting story keeps it going, but when Cage becomes human, it seems to lose it's steam and ultimately fatally wounds itself with an unnecessarily unsatisfying ending. Although I liked the film as a whole, I can only regard this as a disappointment considering how well the first two thirds of the film were made. A missed opportunity at a classic.

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