Citizen Kane (1941) / Drama-Mystery

MPAA Rated: PG for thematic elements and smoking
Running Time: 119 min.

Cast: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Everett Sloane, Agnes Moorehead, Dorothy Comingmore
Director: Orson Welles
Screenplay: Herman J. Mankiewicz, Orson Welles

Review published November 23, 1997

The last word uttered by media magnate and multimillionaire tycoon, Charles Foster Kane (Welles, Touch of Evil), was "rosebud". During preparations for a newsreel story on Kane's life, the producers determine that they need to know the man more and send a reporter out to find out what the mysterious word means. He finds those who worked and lived with Kane to find out the story, and through a series of flashbacks he finds out more about the megalomaniac.

Considered by many to be the greatest film of all time, and it's such a great piece of work, it's hard to argue. This is one truly remarkable film, and an undeniable masterpiece. To this day, the style that Welles employs (it was his very first time directing!) remains fresh and innovative, with brilliant use of light and shadows and many hauntingly effective images. It's the kind of film that is eternally beguiling, and forever enduring. Multiple viewings are a must. Absolutely mind-blowing.

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1997 Vince Leo