Black Supaman (2007) / Comedy-Action

MPAA Rated: Not rated, but would probably be R for pervasive drug content and language
Running time: 76 min.

Cast: Master P., Tony Cox, Chris Kennedy, Michael Blackson, Reynaldo Rey
Director: Master P.
Screenplay: Master P.

Review published August 11, 2007

New Orleans, 2069.  Master P. stars as Bernard Smith, a jobless loser living with his father who does nothing all day except get high and hang out with other similar loser friends.  One day, one of these friends offers him something to do with his life.  It seems that, after puffing on some primo weed, and donning the super-suit, Bernard will change into Black Supaman, which grants him super strength and the ability to fly.  Bernard immediately sets out to become New Orleans savior, ridding it of crime and saving any cats stuck in trees.

Why rapper and wannabe basketball star Master P. opted not to put the "B.S." on his chest (for Black Supaman) instead of just the "B" is beyond me.  He certainly had no qualms about putting "B.S." into the rest of this production.  It's hard to even call Black Supaman a movie.  It's more like a home video made by Master P. with a slightly higher budget, where he calls upon actor and comedian friends to appear and ad-lib a bunch of material in front of the camera without much direction.  Terrible sound, music that drowns out the dialogue half the time (with dialogue this bad, it would be a blessing if the music weren't equally hard to endure), extremely cheap special effects, amateurish animation, and more padding than a mattress mart all add up to making Black Supaman one of the more worthless experiences you'll ever have to endure, especially if you don't consider yourself a huge fan of Master P.

P. wrote (if you can call it writing), directed (if you can call it directing), and stars (if you can call what he does acting), but I doubt anyone would refer to him as a "renaissance man" for his effort. You know P. himself grew desperate for laughs when he decided to inject every scene with zany sound effects to punctuate the "comedy goldmine" he was sure he had once he put on his faux-muscle superhero costume and slapped on a fake emblem.  It's pretty obvious from the finished product that the liberal amount of weed smoked in front of the camera was the real deal, as only someone completely blunted beyond reason could have found any humor or interest in anything that occurs in this film.

Black Supaman is only recommended for friends of Master P., who probably won't mind seeing how clever he is at making a home video.  I bet even they will be shocked to learn that he actually made this to put out on DVD to sell to the mass public, as it would be hard to imagine this entertaining anyone not associated with the making of it.  Now that I think of it, I have no idea why they claim the film to be set in 2069, when everything in the film, from the fashions to the automobiles, suggests it was made several years ago.

So why not the lowest grade?  It completely deserves a one-star rating, but I have to say that the film is so bizarre, it's comical on an indescribable level.  It's too small-scale to be called a disaster, but given how unassuming it is about its own amateurishness, it's hard to hate, especially since P. seems to have fun with just how small of a budget he has to work with.  Even though the film itself is a turd, it's the kind of movie one could toss in the DVD collection, just to look at the cover once in a while and chuckle -- it's an instant conversation piece for anyone looking through your stacks of movies.  Trash of this magnitude deserves to be treasured.     

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