According to Spencer (2001) / Comedy-Romance
aka Admiring Melora

MPAA Rated: R for language and sexual content
Running Time: 94 min.

Cast: Jesse Bradford, Mia Kirshner, Adam Goldberg, David Krumholtz, Brad Rowe, Florence Stanley, Marissa Ribisi, Precious Chong, Giovanni Ribisi, Shane Edelman, Meredith Morton
Shane Edelman
Screenplay: Marissa Ribisi, Meredith Morton, Shane Edelman
Review published September 13, 2003

Jesse Bradford (Swimfan, Bring It On) stars as Spencer Gould, a reserved young man that has a hard time going for what he wants, although his influential grandmother always tried to instill self-confidence within him.  After 25 years of living with his parents, he finally makes good on his deceased grandmother's wishes by moving out on his own to Los Angeles, where he takes a job in the mailroom of an advertising agency. 

While there, he discovers that a girl with which he had a crush on in grade school, Melora (Kirshner, Mad City), works in the same office, and he practically stumbles over himself trying to get on her good side.  Melora hardly even remembers him, and in fact, can't even keep his name straight, doting on the botched relationship with one of the head honchos of the agency, Craig (Rowe, Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss).  Without the spark of a relationship between them, Spencer decides to be Melora's friend, as she uses him to try to get Craig back.

Unless you are some fiend for anything starring Jesse Bradford, it's probably not going to make a lick of difference in your life should you choose to skip this completely generic romantic comedy.  According to Spencer isn't bad, it's just boring, and when a titillating side plot involving a homemade porn shoot fails to spark any interest or laughs, you know you're in for a trying time looking for entertainment.  There's a little romance, a little drama, a little humor, a little heartbreak, and all of the things you'd usually find in a movie of this ilk, but at no time do things ever gel into anything surprising or appealing. 

Over the years, this project's name changed from Admiring Melora to Garage Sale (no idea!) to Spencer to According to Spencer, but regardless of the title, you won't be likely to remember it under any name within a week after seeing it.    In fact, I keep having to re-read the plotline above just to remember what in the world I'm even writing about.  94 Minute Time-Suck would probably be the best title of all.

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2003 Vince Leo