Venom (2018)

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  1. Jon-Luc says:

    Good review. Sounds about right, though I’m still looking forward to seeing it anyway, since I like Tom Hardy in just about everything he does, even if the movies are lacking.

    I will state though, for the record, I tend not to associate Spider-Man 3 with Sam Raimi or the other two films, as that third film was a perfect example of clueless studio meddling and the butchering of a director’s vision for a franchise. Venom originally (rightfully) had no place in Spider-Man 3 and it was, as you put it, a dubious debut. I don’t know when we’ll ever get a good portrayal of the character, as film companies lately seem determined to give audiences what they ‘think’ they want and try to cash in without putting as much care and effort into the final product (see: this film, The Mummy/Dark Universe fiasco, and though it was decent, Solo: A Star Wars Story).