Please note these are my ranking only of films I've seen. Any films you think should be on this list may be due to the fact I've yet to watch them. I welcome any recommendations of films which should be included.

1. Schindler's List - Spielberg's triumphant chronicling of courage amid the bleakest of circumstances.  An emotionally stirring masterpiece.

2. Groundhog Day - One of biggest surprises of 1993.  Murray's charm lifts a solid concept into a funny, charming classic.

3. The Remains of the Day - Merchant Ivory in full swing, showing craftsmanship can make a winner.

4. Fong Sai Yuk (The Legend) - Corey Yuen's finest.  Breathtaking kung fu, amusing comedy, and Jet Li's athletic skill delivers of the the best kung fu flicks of the 90s.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas - Tim Burton's ceaseless imagination makes a holiday classic to revisit every year.

6. Iron Monkey - Yuen Woo-ping shows why he's the best martial arts choreographer around.  Astounding.

7. In the Line of Fire - Eastwood's great but Malkovich is the real surprise, adding up to the best thriller of the year.

8. Kalifornia - Pitt's memorable performance makes this one of the more disturbing odyssey's into madness around.

9. The Piano

10. Blue - The first of Kieslowski's terrific trilogy, and a perfect portrait of loneliness.

Honorable Mention - A Bronx Tale, Carlito's Way, Dave, Dazed and Confused, Fear of a Black Hat, The Firm, Flesh and Bone, The Fugitive, Jurassic Park, Kalifornia, Last Action Hero, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Matinee, Menace II Society, The Music of Chance, Short Cuts, Sleepless in Seattle, Tombstone, True Romance, The Visitors

Noteworthy films I haven't seen yet - The Age of Innocence, And the Band Played On, Army of Darkness, Daens, Farewell My Concubine, Fearless, Gettysburg, Heaven and Earth, In the Name of the Father, The Joy Luck Club, King of the Hill, Mrs. Doubtfire, Much Ado About Nothing, Naked, Philadelphia, Ruby in Paradise, Rudy, The Secret Garden, Shadowlands, Six Degrees of Separation, Sommersby, Sonatine, Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, This Boy’s Life, The Wedding Banquet, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Films I think are overrated: Arizona Dream, Benny & Joon, Cliffhanger, Falling Down, Indecent Proposal, A Perfect World, Rising Sun, The Sandlot, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Untamed Heart